What’s the Buzz?

Hi Kids,

As well as writing poems for children I sometimes write and perform poetry to adults as well. Recently I got to perform poems to 900 people at the Auckland Writers Festival. That is a huge heap of adults for a poetry show and I’m still buzzing like a bee with a chainsaw about it.

Some of the best performing poets in New Zealand and the world were there, including a group of 4 slam poets from Dilworth School who are only 16-17 years old!

Look at the excitement on their faces. No, they are not rock stars or rappers, they are poets! If you like writing poetry and performing on stage, this could be you one day.

Also in the show was Alex Wheatle a poet from England who writes books for children as well. Last year he won a big award for his book “Crongdon Knights”. Check it out at the library and if its not there ask your librarian to get it in, you’ll love it.


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