Zombies and Vegans

There! I knew the title of this blog post would attract your attention.

Last year I was doing a writing workshop with a Year 6 class on the day after Halloween. They were all still excited about it so I gave them some coloured pens and paper and asked them to create a menu for a zombie restaurant. I have never seen a class of kids so excited about a writing activity in my life. Ideas were popping and fizzing around the room as if someone had lit a match in a fireworks factory.

This picture shows one of the menus the class came up with.

One boy came up with an idea that was so simple, clever and funny that I have to share it. On the top of his page he had written just 3 words: Zombie Vegetarian Restaurant.  I said, “That’s a very creative idea, but I don’t think your restaurant will make much money because zombies much prefer to eat people than vegetables. What are the zombies going to eat at your restaurant?”

He looked at me with a straight face and said, “Vegans.”

As well as a writer I am stand-up comedian, I see lots of comedians and hear lots of jokes, but that joke was one of the best I have heard. It proved  to me again that kids are very creative and very funny. It also proved to me that you don’t have to write much to be creative. All you need to do is look at things from a slightly different angle than most people.

Thanks kids, keep the jokes and creativity coming.