Over the last 32 years I have written a whole mess of books, at least that’s what it looks like when my grand daughter spreads them all over the lounge floor.

Most of the books in that big mess have been written to help primary school children learn to read. Some of them are non-fiction books about real people and real things.

But most of them have jumped out of my imagination and  and on to the pages of fiction books.

The first book I ever wrote was a book of children’s poems and it was published in 1986.

The poems in this book are like me, a bit silly.  Most of them are about real children who I knew at the time. They were all a bit silly too. Sadly most of them children have grown up to become very very sensible adults.

One of the poems was about a little girl named Jacinda. I would like to say that this little girl grew up to become a Prime Minister, but I can’t. If you tap on the last word in this sentence you will be able to read the poem anyway.

 Most of my fiction books  are a bit silly but some of them are a bit serious as well. I have  written a series of 12 books for the SPCA. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Copies of all of these books, in English and Te Reo have been donated by the SPCA to all the primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand.You can tell by the covers that most of them are fun books but they also have a serious message about caring for animals.

Free copies of all of these books have been sent to all the primary schools in New Zealand. Extra copies can be bought  from the SPCA

In 2019 I wrote 6 more books in this series. They have recently come back from the printer and should be going into schools some time in 2020.

Lots of my books can be bought through Sunshine Books. Some of them, like me, are so old that that they can only be found in second hand bookshops.